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•  The first time you go to the site, you will need to register yourself. That process is simple. Please click on the New User button and then enter your email address, name, and password. When you hit Submit, you'll be logged in and can proceed from there. The next time you go to the site, you can log in with that email and password.

•  Once you are logged in the first time, please read the instructions on the Welcome page which should briefly describe to the user the options to continue.

•  Click on a link under the Payment Types heading depending on which type of bill you would like to view ; for example, Water/Sewer

•  On the next page, if you have selected Water/Sewer, enter the Service number and Customer number from your most recent bill, and then hit Search. If you had selected Personal Property or Real Estate, enter your Account number and Bill number. Again, there are instructions which hopefully explain this process and a link to a sample bill.

•  Your Utility or Property account should display on this page if you've entered the correct combination of search fields.

•  Click on Add to Account - This saves your account information so that the next time you log in to the site, you can go directly to My Accounts and not have to search for your account information.

•  If you are responsible for paying another bill, you can add multiple accounts to your email.

•  For a Utility account, the link with the service account and customer number can be clicked which will pop-up a page with general, consumption, and transaction information which will show prior bills and payments.

•  Likewise, for a Real Estate or Property account, the link with the account number can be clicked which will pop-up a page with information related to that property.

•  The View Open Bills button will show you the current amount due on any account that you've associated your login with.

•  Once on that page, check the box next to the account you wish to pay, or check the box on the top of the page which selects all accounts.

•  Click on Continue to Payment

•  From the Items to Pay page, you can click on the remove check box if you do not wish to pay an account. You can also adjust the amount you wish to pay.

•  Click here to Pay will re-direct you to the Payflow payment site which handles the credit card and banking information.

•  Step through the payment site, choosing your method of payment and then following the prompts to add your credit card number or bank information.

•   When you have completed the transaction, the final acceptance button will return you to the KeyNet Payment Portal site, and you should receive an email confirmation of your payment.

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